Linuxant Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets - HCF driver downloads for Mandriva Linux x86 platform      
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ALSA (audio) driver
ALSA (ppch) driver
HSF (softmodem) driver
DGC (modem) driver
HCF (modem) driver
RIPTIDE (audio) driver

HCF driver downloads for Mandriva Linux x86 platform

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Because the scope of this project has grown beyond the capacity of a single volunteer and legal issues prevent us from using a classic open-source development model, the modem drivers are now available in two editions:

  • a free version (limited to 14.4Kbps data), available at no cost. Please use it to test if your hardware is compatible.
  • a full version (with 56K and FAX), available for a modest price.

    Proceeds will be used to further improve the drivers. Getting the full version is the best way to encourage us and ensure that this project continues.

    If you are wondering why a Linux driver isn't already included in the price you paid for your modem, or disagree with the practice of selling Linux software, please read this explanation.

    Thank you for your support!

    Please choose only the package matching exactly your system's kernel version below.

    You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

    uname -r

    If your exact kernel version is not listed, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest available kernel for your distribution. If you are using a special enterprise/secure/SMP or custom (self-compiled) kernel, or the package does not work, you can try one of the generic packages with source instead.
    Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum) 596K b75d169a54391d4702e1f08fb0c4ee31 596K e56b801026e5d1a3415823819e81cf35 597K b4efe98d937abf7d98ace791b78951d7 596K ece611073bf11992ef33f66e57c6065b 596K 647641c1ea12ba4e7195878664f5aade 597K c5b6b69c225e7f4b47a6135081f2c0ba 594K 8126b46de8bb02af1c26fad07ce1b92b 595K 17e048840df05d025893fda6354acef3 595K a93a3612742515fc593d73ec8418d787 594K 4a51e19330dd8836084e3b0323915218 595K 3a8cad407edaf9d2739c3b68c5c736bb 596K 21179834ed9eb9e647b420914288290c 594K 1ac64bb8fa7f074d411e25b0380f29a5 595K 156fc06f0dadd0afd0e57b09e724815b 594K f44995e78c14a12f74a214716d76ebb5 594K 43f8b42ead28205798af9ef665d32765 595K 9983866a18efbf43ea773ed55d23a486 594K 9d63d76223cdfea241ade07e9525cc42 589K af0bc5b3bd723547ce0115a8c40e2cce 589K 3ce04a2634093ac97e241a63d215120a 590K f6a0e58380219c5966fc03e996088cee 588K f29315d94cc3d98c9f07ee036b50e06f 589K d5af2cef13b67549a2d5129b162180bf 590K 8ab4c13bf185f16d77adb97c7835f30f 590K 3164c876152b39afcb92819314b6f46d 589K f9dd62a659b6f04c563506f7ae4d4f1b 590K 898d5ca47aeab1fcf02219352c044e0d 589K b885e1083180afa44dad6922316bbaf0 589K ca3b3a2e8a3df30c9d52a95cb2a9c105 589K 8eb0e527f3f407e1aae705493b79427e 589K 0122d7765d5671ad6229b0ad19f43750 590K 720010c720853f4e59a90f6802b38ae0 589K d0826bbc00c60387f92301058c0947e2 590K 0d39737d16369d9a12c2f39a9ff4236b 590K ddc455cb391af5e98ea8adaecb8e35fe 590K f865eb2994697d60d6683fad885d57f3
    2.6.27-desktop586-0.rc8.2mnb 588K 57bf7edeca58a949d2d06719bcc353fc
    2.6.27-desktop-0.rc8.2mnb 590K dbe2b0ec74f859aaab7ca1d5aa26ba38
    2.6.27-server-0.rc8.2mnb 589K ea9ed0ddc723781706c7d023cfbf56c4 589K 606ea0ec010fb1cc3d7e880d353f34b9 590K f9979a8d6082262a236eb8a385d74511 591K 439f0cab4bcd1e37f631138ad19ca34b 589K c82ef9a8e353574e8862dd5f5754cc96 589K 8678b6b4ad53bc912890282817d7587c 589K 16edec541a901ca755696b642bf8ac06 589K f3b37842cf8b82ff6b4b6ef98d615fd0 590K f8d2c0b70e3756d2d0f2f344cf8777b4 589K a3cffe37ec8290752c00c965fa8aef69 589K 20a1de6371eb34f376b39c66c9ee7e12 589K a70e770b1e526772cf4feee01c2a7d67 589K d8e24047e821ec4ce6bdd1dd431e151a 590K 6a4c9656fa965ec7ac142b72def2d81e 590K cfbb7b587abf14a18761a4549915e4ac 590K c61e03e32762d558714956050713aeba 590K f5f8f601759e2f20c92a7ce5bb6f36c4 589K 1893223e2d729cbfa00cb51df88d117e 589K 52605d95daea42682deae72c6a070c7c 590K 5fd13eb9b93e4238db667a4ecd5f64cd 590K f349722614126da1affa69509702ba59 589K 7d747dcb326416fb7cfda608a1ff0a42 590K b51347a88b6ce5af4d4540c707a25dd6 590K f282f9ab163d5e74ace4b7003f206748 590K 0826d59636e0dd4c606077694d9214d3 589K 121d70dcc8fcf911aa938a49e403e731 589K 3dfa01a47b3856a5434a281014881dbd 589K 08ae82b6d748a161a8371e6c09a213d2 589K 50a677059a690226611b75eb624fd84e 589K b4a4694d83817664aec17e4801b0f133 589K e669222be215517526aa9f2e9ddc82e9 589K a09f12d487679132c1819ed65c22b615 590K 0385faadf6e15837531b7e33710e2e22
    2.6.17-17mdv 590K 6d4ebac6ba4ce0ed5701ebb7a9fa1b0c
    2.6.17-17mdvlegacy 590K bfc9f87bc6766f5c2a99657a46b4656d
    2.6.17-17mdventerprise 589K 21e3352953b11dca1e427549ad405194
    2.6.17-13mdv 589K 27a9cad1aa64ebd6af09143269076d95
    2.6.17-13mdvlegacy 591K 7c3dfdc857e93eb5f3cab8535c5727dc
    2.6.17-13mdventerprise 590K 840c990f5fc0d84d304940f2af237e2d
    2.6.17-5mdv 589K fb7e3e5ae16650cdf17c176cff83e6db
    2.6.17-5mdvlegacy 590K d7da83ca602533b7b76c8c39db55f95f
    2.6.17-5mdventerprise 590K 3290a3e3a32a9d97a8840371f8c56ca6
    2.6.12-31mdk 589K 1f2d0f56423788c3080dd7b46276f3e1
    2.6.12-29mdk 589K 55bcee94d8b9ff189c5432fedb6e090a
    2.6.12-27mdk 588K 7e5abbfa24abf64e4a9cf37c0323a59b
    2.6.12-25mdk 589K 3fd6b2509dda1d7ae6182a4a21529aab
    2.6.12-12mdk 589K e53d24145a9e031f348aea0f8dc74d17
    2.6.11-13mdk 589K f457cedc08893a19e358a515f0e537a5
    2.6.11-12mdk 589K fc3da5a49f6b7cffea8a0a081abeac71
    2.6.11-6mdk 589K b4872d944d35d964e2dd78c3a87ea0b4



    User comment:

    Just a note to say thanks. Once I found your site and the file I needed everything went great. The driver works fantastic. Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your fine work. Regards,

    Joe Manekja

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