Linuxant Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets - Replacement Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 i686 kernels with 16K stack size      
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ALSA (audio) driver
ALSA (ppch) driver
HSF (softmodem) driver
DGC (modem) driver
HCF (modem) driver
RIPTIDE (audio) driver

Replacement Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 i686 kernels with 16K stack size

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Please choose the package most closely matching your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

The default stack size in original Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 kernels is only 4K and the drivers are known to require more than that in some cases. You can either rebuild your own custom kernel, or install one of the "stk16" kernels below which we have provided for your convenience. They are essentially identical to the Red Hat kernels, except that the stack size was increased to 16K.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum)
2.6.9-89.0.16.EL 13M c261104fd3e609a9233f2772fa359150
Development 3.4M 4c1ce82c8601ec034ed859995e121ab6
2.6.9-89.0.16.ELsmp 13M c67ddb360bbd3cabf7ca19746ea55094
Development 3.5M f6176cb3308070927e7c962d502cf82b
2.6.9-89.0.16.ELhugemem 12M 3ac932acee57c7de80bb12fdfe40890d
Development 3.5M 516cff9a8a870c93210161dbfdbd4ef5
Source (avanced users only) 56M 57086ef23b7c26de7df6e549d742bab4
2.6.9-89.0.11.EL 13M db007614cfe4b969c3860a92b9a083c4
Development 3.4M 1543188359c5f203b3427713f7bf5584
2.6.9-89.0.11.ELsmp 13M d939fed5b5b4979116142853e6820c69
Development 3.5M 8c014c733162742f7720edaa4e06e23b
2.6.9-89.0.11.ELhugemem 12M 9ebfa334dced14995b0e74cfe9320bd8
Development 3.5M f082735f37acf90eafd0fa040bd244c4
Source (avanced users only) 56M 83e7bf278a37196422c0dc89c98711e1
2.6.9-89.0.9.EL 13M aa385047d9234dcf984afd47a3ab2fd1
Development 3.4M b40272a960c141edd2f427f2c10c0ca6
2.6.9-89.0.9.ELsmp 13M 661aa61666e342c2793f981fbf8a9da0
Development 3.5M 5fbd3c04fc2902c45dd8b2e65a4483e1
2.6.9-89.0.9.ELhugemem 12M 68e68d16d056abd185e931966c13c7e8
Development 3.5M 88ef918bacd017976e5a01347fbe1852
Source (avanced users only) 56M 565b93d3342370e90b31f94128a25d9f
2.6.9-78.0.22.EL 13M f973a0cbeb7e576547d2eca01a5f864a
Development 3.4M d1f85903b2c39fff903bca98dda78319
2.6.9-78.0.22.ELsmp 12M 884e5e7fd8502eb0836e2df66c56e199
Development 3.4M cdd35e7c6f88b86bcdea175d7cf1dfad
2.6.9-78.0.22.ELhugemem 12M 6ba8185fe6854d8ad50cb748f891580b
Development 3.4M de9ac8e16b7e6bf5860160187e2429c6
Source (avanced users only) 53M 2cec44333043c53bbe0d927cc0c0a086
2.6.9-78.0.17.EL 13M 83e78b1fdc65c2053d416b5f587fdb01
Development 3.4M 10176dc373db473cdf82f2eac59426fb
2.6.9-78.0.17.ELsmp 12M 347018e095ebce4b0f83742587cd8242
Development 3.4M 84f5594482fe68cb5342010b035a23c9
2.6.9-78.0.17.ELhugemem 12M 0899083fbfd508e80dc1d12540ee3cf4
Development 3.4M d27dcccbae50a4b8011242cccaa1c29a
Source (avanced users only) 53M 8ef3baa6d31724ccf19a10eb7ad3302f
2.6.9-78.0.8.EL 13M 1bbc9ae1f5a2bf822c870a6ea51e836c
Development 3.4M 94dd812c9d68fa35685879da6d8b82c4
2.6.9-78.0.8.ELsmp 12M 9e5d0ae97a7a54471ba0560021e96d79
Development 3.4M 027c5fa8e0284fc4d8bdd678915079a1
2.6.9-78.0.8.ELhugemem 12M acc2012c5092b28fe3cbe5724e5b08b3
Development 3.4M 7efbb857dcfa3c279462f199a1535063
Source (avanced users only) 53M 81c75587d164a9307fff7741cad68a1e
2.6.9-78.0.5.EL 13M 61b810f780dfc0813e63b13646a22367
Development 3.4M bd5c59b40b0607d1ab350ad72c90f9e2
2.6.9-78.0.5.ELsmp 12M 59f36da054c35d2b83b057db23c4af65
Development 3.4M cff813bb4034c85094192ec5a3b96eff
2.6.9-78.0.5.ELhugemem 12M 308f2366afd9c16bfe53f10ef75ab681
Development 3.4M d39ae022a037e8f5a6d01d709eb51668
Source (avanced users only) 53M f7b39068423b07ed7b41631772d2e875
2.6.9-78.0.5.EL 12M 7a6fb39a44eee9c3efbff068e9cec204
Development 3.4M 9c8b8d8dc14e7a28bd9011799dc386c2
2.6.9-67.0.22.ELsmp 12M 4a16cc9b46a2593a91510e6e6950dc0b
Development 3.4M 703cbea2d0469a249ccad8f370db7ce3
2.6.9-67.0.22.ELhugemem 11M 47fd38d3f89487dcf4bf03d58654827e
Development 3.4M 0c1fe6eb832b7bc593746dce6bc87c00
Source (avanced users only) 50M 40498ecf084427c3e48b679a091e96dc
2.6.9-67.0.15.EL 12M 685116be3a864dd897aff4cdce140bf2
Development 3.4M a0695a63353c66b5060b227883c63b14
2.6.9-67.0.15.ELsmp 12M e269aa6312e445cd47f4d519d9dcba35
Development 3.4M de323f5589841492c1fc2e0bf1ed7550
2.6.9-67.0.15.ELhugemem 11M 41f172edbd52a3705949aa43d45d8a33
Development 3.4M 92e130b373f3903fd73c3eeff9aec2cf
Source (avanced users only) 50M f3e3fd6d54dde357f28a6e731c03907a
2.6.9-67.0.1.EL 12M cb08ffbb92c2103ccd758adcb5ce6969
Development 3.4M 787a8fbd0e60d0240e08ecabb4317e63
2.6.9-67.0.1.ELsmp 12M 696f8ac6cd446b90d669e65c8a38a370
Development 3.4M 118e3260544ef2a97f9190ec3fb75029
2.6.9-67.0.1.ELhugemem 11M fa544105b80666128ef064ad1c175c70
Development 3.4M d42d29b6442d15274a2b458421b52969
Source (avanced users only) 50M c8bf0e8d8c271cc4d2c6a82c4b7392e4
2.6.9-5.0.3.EL 9.5M 28286a3d213739b563b0c338e8d93572
Development 3.2M 54805931129a35a68e1562aff21b9d16
2.6.9-5.0.3.ELsmp 9.2M d77336ea24d34279c7480d5505a1ac40
Development 3.2M 3d990c9ab9094dd177f41fd6c7766d78
2.6.9-5.0.3.ELhugemem 9.1M 747cecb893e6d7fe5d93e5a0e0d14df2
Development 3.2M bbac326a4f7ad3ee4e89849d0c1a7ed3
Source (avanced users only) 38M 76c093831a88f1b84f183735d7a6dba9

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User comment:

I just wanted to drop u guys a line saying THANX a lot for the conexant drivers for linux. as a linux newbie, I almost gave up linux b/c I would have had to buy a new modem to use the internet under linux. But no longer, so again, thank you, and good luck!!!

Tony Shaver

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