Linuxant Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets - HSF driver downloads for SuSE Linux x86 platform      
company drivers
ALSA (audio) driver
ALSA (ppch) driver
HSF (softmodem) driver
DGC (modem) driver
HCF (modem) driver
RIPTIDE (audio) driver

HSF driver downloads for SuSE Linux x86 platform

Please choose only the package matching exactly your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

If your exact kernel version is not listed, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest available kernel for your distribution. If you are using a special enterprise/secure/SMP or custom (self-compiled) kernel, or the package does not work, you can try one of the generic packages with source instead.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum) 1.2M f54f50829119a929200281c5c46876c3 1.2M 2522b3b9110281b5e809071a032764f8 1.3M 51dec07d6435da05c595c758216f1308 1.3M b9715d5b8a9d2f52386abb71a15e2c0d 1.3M dc9079343db67350ec805f7f47bc2f10 1.3M 89735d9080d74e5b925732e665a67a8e 1.3M 54c2d8c8aa087da83bf9a7bb07376327 1.3M abce4e8feee74d7825a4b07e72dac9ea 1.3M 1a02401fbe5ce8ea70fbbefe91f289ce 1.3M ae5067bc7f9734824c17299187ded77b 1.3M 7c81c94cd8c89e84a08f5b9e864772c3 1.3M 9fdabb29e77ac201ab29d54071e1ec27 1.3M df41d4df9a0ccc32ef130e7f68eddc03 1.3M 9d3c24769275e0b0b4a5d1d4dc8ac5cf 1.3M 450fcdb2cbf5cc260b024d8e01c89ffc 1.3M 4c61b58488276bfb28d20dbe2f8e89ef 1.3M e567108b7cab6f7edefa66a9f7015cba 1.3M fadff17c0c553fba5542447f4533eb57 * 1.3M dec99036b3342f5bd04d5cd1c42638de * 1.3M e45fd0d7bd5198eed464b2e2e5b7d35c * 1.3M d08a919814a5483e6bbbbeb9af804ad4 * 1.3M ad7109f34c0f932c779b258bc57b0b99 * 1.3M df2db773611814918f9b7d18ef69da2b * 1.3M 0f2145d931b8f555c36c98ba5abffe56 * 1.3M 4f29a3381c506593d5b25f9f1dc3c556 1.2M f14a75b3f3622e9c9ead6b8bef056c40 1.2M d9f84148aba31672fe579cfc0a0d6fea 1.2M 89ba84f9e87415e8bbedf653eb3cc863 1.2M 07e1a3455ba445f33e08cabb330fa977 1.2M ceb7d6c0bc49b25047c00467222f478c 1.2M 6f7fd945723e52ee53e05958179ce3a7 1.2M 12daa9238992186ac13ceade2c68a669 1.3M c4125fb4a46548f959f1d6d271e73fda 1.3M 5e318c1e4818429b89a70a6c815d3b2f 1.3M dce78421149557c046a3c2488ef83345 1.3M bc30d728457abc8b0810d369a2ff403a 1.3M 9c14949b25fe9fc3871b9292ace9860b 1.2M d717166615e814a35236b7e93bd03789 1.2M cbf366b4eed34a3fc0e941e214eca89c 1.2M abb30abc1eac80be32d82da3f4b02fa0 1.2M e42291e279d3b84852393fb718428763
2.6.13-15-default 1.2M d227924e746bb1ae9dac73f9e657829a
2.6.13-15-smp 1.2M 14453204a6bb12823db87a1c3456f98f 1.2M e65f447455ba9f1468b22fd5abb46382 1.2M 6304ccfd976ac05cc34ac764d428dd11 1.2M f7138b0418fce94e653c6d633c15c8cf 1.2M 13ee46b2a4b9b358e867e48c28a0aaec 1.2M 719d17732fa2b1a559498d9780831bc9 1.2M c71b3ffccd35509c7bb1991be487bff5 1.2M 44e48eb8d165db8cf8c5c80a9c3775d5 1.2M 56afb9b75e5733362b1f5c91334c643c 1.2M 3fcd8914207c761e7398c1e4aba60830 1.2M 39692c6afc7bfdefd15c124bcc6e98ed

(*) Note for SUSE 11.0 users: Installing the alsa-driver-linuxant package is required before installing the HSF driver package. Users with non-HDA modems might prefer installing a generic package which doesn't depend on alsa-driver-linuxant.


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